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TBC KB3 Summer Draft League Partners with BallerTV

TBC and KB3 Elite are excited to announce that they have partnered with BallerTV, the world's premier live and on-demand streaming service for youth athletics, to broadcast the inaugural KB3 Summer Draft League. With BallerTv, TBC KB3 Draft League players will get unmatched media exposure.

About BallerTV: BallerTV’s mission is to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage, allowing families to stay connected to their athletes, and giving young athletes more footage and exposure leading to more opportunities to get recruited.

BallerTV is committed to creating opportunities for student-athletes, as well as their network of Broadcast Partners. BallerTV is creating thousands of new sports media opportunities each year and offer unprecedented access to game footage, helping student-athletes get recruited to the next level.

For more on BallerTV, CLICK HERE

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