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T.B.C. To Host Hoop Group's New England Jam Fest May 15-16

The Basketball Circuit is extremely excited to announce that it will host the prestigious Hoop Group New England Jam Fest Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16.

Jam Fests are the largest basketball tournaments in the country and a must-attend for teams around the New England area. Hoop Group returns to its New England roots where it has established itself as a premier event operator for over a decade highlighting the spring grassroots basketball season. New England Jam Fest provides players and teams with exposure through countless media outlets, basketball scouting services, and Division II and III coaches to recruit. The 2021 New England Jam Fest will feature more than 125 of the top teams from across New England as well as much of the Eastern Seaboard. Team's playing are guaranteed:

-At least 3 Games

-All games live streamed

-Certified Officials

For More Information, Click Here

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