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T.B.C. Championships start tonight (Friday, May 21)

Updated: May 22, 2021

Nearly 300 Teams will take the court in the Millworks over the next three days in pursuit of the CHIP

The inaugural season of The Basketball Tournament (T.B.C.) will culminate in the T.B.C. Championships, played this Friday-Sunday, May 21-23. The Championships are a bracket-style, survive and advance tournament, featuring more than 200 boys and girls teams divided into 14 divisions, based on skill level.

Championship Central will serve as the HUB for the T.B.C. Championships all weekend, and feature videos, photos, scores and breaking news from the championships.

CLICK HERE for schedule updated, scores and the live bracket.

Each of the 14 divisions will crown a champion by the end of the weekend.

The BOYS divisions for the T.B.C. Championships are:

  • NBA (Varsity)

  • G-League Boys East (10th/Varsity)

  • G-League Boys West (9th)

  • Boys FIBA - West (8th)

  • Boys FIBA - East (8th)

  • Boys NCAA - West (7th)

  • Boys NCAA - East (6th-5th)

  • Boys ABA - West (5th)

  • Boys ABA - East (4th)

The GIRLS divisions for the T.B.C. Championships are:

  • WNBA (Varsity)

  • Girls FIBA (8th-7th)

  • Girls NCAA (6th-7th)

  • Girls ABA (5th-4th)

To find your team and which Division it is playing in, CLICK HERE

Additionally, many teams have opted to play a normal weekend at T.B.C., and while they are not pursuing the championships, they will be bringing their normal, outstanding level of effort and energy. Their schedules can be found under the T.B.C. Division Here.

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